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Learning with Tablets

EdTech Agents

Discover my collection of AI agents, designed to empower students and enhance their learning experience. Whether it's reading, math, or game creation, my tools offer a dynamic alternative to traditional quiz platforms. Districts can save on costly ed tech solutions by leveraging the creativity of students, who are the true innovators.  * All ChatGPT users can access these agents for free, with Pro subscribers receiving optimal performance.

DALL·E 2024-06-16 23.22.21 - A colorful and cartoonish AI character in a futuristic lab, c


Game Creator

Dasi, the game creator, empowers students to create interactive games, fostering learning through creativity and play!  


Reading Helper

ReadFlow helps children improve reading skills with real-time feedback on pronunciation and fluency.

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DALL·E 2024-06-16 20.08.51 - A cartoonish AI assistant depicted as a Black female. She has


Math Helper

TeasyMath Helper assists students by checking math solutions, providing positive feedback for correct answers, and guiding them through corrections if needed. Students can upload their work, solve problems, and receive additional practice.

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