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AI Solutions 

Welcome to my AI solutions hub, where education meets innovation. As an AI specialist with 20 years of teaching experience and a robust background in data science, I am dedicated to helping users and companies create customized AI solutions. My motto is "don't buy AI solutions, create your own,"  reflecting my commitment to empowering everyday users and organizations.

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Tiffany Teasley

  • Data Scientist

  • AI Consultant and Developer

  • National Board Certified Teacher​​

A Bit About Me

As a National Board Certified Teacher, I am committed to assisting educators and schools in developing their own AI tools. With extensive experience teaching at a Blue Ribbon school, I understand the specific needs of educators and students. I excel at simplifying AI topics, making them accessible and safe for educational use.

I have collaborated with Hamza Farooq on the highly sought-after AI course "Building LLM Applications." Hamza is a globally known AI expert, professor at Stanford and UCLA, with over 15 years at Google. Together, we have educated professionals including executives from top FAANG companies, in over 10 countries.

My expertise and innovative methods make me a valuable resource for anyone looking to integrate AI into their daily operations.


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AI Agents 

I specialize in creating personalized AI agents designed to simplify everyday tasks for students, teachers, and general users. Whether you need an AI to help with study plans, lesson preparations, or personal organization, I can develop a solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily routine. My custom AI agents are crafted to save time, reduce workload, and provide intelligent assistance tailored to your specific needs. 

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AI Solution for Schools

Lahvan is an AI solution designed specifically for educational institutions. Unlike the ChatGPT-3.5 model, which is limited to data from before 2021, Lahvan can search live data, providing up-to-date information in response to user queries. Each response generated by Lahvan includes a list of the resources used, ensuring transparency and reliability.

With Lahvan, school districts can create a list of blocked URLs, ensuring that only appropriate resources are used. Additionally, users have the ability to search previous chats, a feature not currently offered by ChatGPT, allowing for easy reuse of prompts.  Lahvan ensures a safe, controlled, and educationally appropriate AI experience for students and teachers alike.  Set up a demo to see how Lahvan can transform the learning environment in your school.

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