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Data Sistah

Career Coach for

Aspiring Data Scientists

I am a teacher turned data scientist. I provide coaching and mentoring for those pursuing a career in data science or any data analytics profession. I specialize in coaching individuals with non-technical backgrounds by sharing my knowledge, network, and expertise in the data science space. I provide resume review and improvement tips, suggest low-cost education and training courses, and conduct one-on-one live Q&A sessions. I take great pride in supporting others in pursuit of their passion and look forward to supporting your journey!

What People Say

Abayomi Bello, United Kingdom

"After getting many rejection from recruiter, I spoke to Tiffany and she took her time to review my linkeldn profile and gave me advice on what needs to be changed. She went further by recommending tutorial videos. It wasn't long after I got my first role. I will recommend her to any job seeker."



My name is Tiffany Teasley

I have a background in teaching high school math but made a career switch to become a data scientist specializing in natural language processing. I am passionate about helping other professionals, particularly those with non-technical backgrounds, explore the possibilities of switching to data science or other data analytics fields. Through my experiences, I hope to provide valuable insights and guidance for those considering a similar career transition.

At 40, I left a 20-year teaching career to become a data scientist. Now, I help others learn and grow in this field.

It's never too late to pursue your passion!

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