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Level Up! How to Advance Your Career as a Data Scientist in 2023

As an aspiring data scientist, investing in your education and professional development is essential. One way to do this is by obtaining a data science certification, which can help you stand out to potential employers and showcase your skills and knowledge.

The top four data science certifications for 2023: Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University, Applied Data Science with Python certification from the University of Michigan, IBM Data Science certification, and Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate Professional Certificate.

All of these certifications are on Coursera, and if you sign up for a Coursera Plus account, you’ll have access to most of their courses, certifications, and guided projects. The guided projects are a great way to apply the knowledge you’ve gained and build your skills in data science. Additionally, the guided projects offered through Coursera Plus can help you build a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers.

Build Your Brand

It’s not just about obtaining a certification! It’s also essential to build your brand and interact with industry professionals. One way to do this is by posting about the projects and courses you’ve completed and following top industry professionals on social media platforms like LinkedIn. This strategy can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and opportunities in data science, and it can also help you build connections with others in the field. However, it’s important to remember that more than simply scrolling through your feed is needed. Make sure to engage with other people’s content and share your insights and experiences.

Job Searching Strategy

As you begin your job search as a data scientist, it’s crucial to have a strategy in place. One practical approach is to create a spreadsheet that tracks the names of the companies you apply to, the job titles you’re interested in, the dates and the links to the job descriptions. You should also save a copy of the job description to your Google Drive, as some companies remove the job posting once the application period is over. The job description will allow you to quickly reference the job requirements and tailor your resume and cover letter to each specific position. Additionally, applying to at least ten jobs per week is a good idea, and customizing your resume for each position by incorporating language from the job description. If you want to improve your chances of getting noticed by recruiters, try reaching out to people you know at the companies. You can send connection requests on LinkedIn or ask for an employee referral before you apply for a job. The employee referral can help your application get in front of the right people and increase your chances of getting an interview.


LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for aspiring data scientists looking to connect with others in the industry and build their professional brands. To get the most out of LinkedIn, make sure the experience section of your profile matches your resume, and ask for recommendations from others to vouch for your skills and work ethic. You should also follow top industry professionals, interact with their content, and post about the projects and courses you’ve completed. Finally, feel free to ask for endorsements for your skills. Endorsements can help you stand out to potential employers and recruiters. Overall, obtaining a data science certification and building your brand through interactions with industry professionals and a strong LinkedIn profile can help you stand out in a competitive job market and advance your career as a data scientist.

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